Support Rural Coffee Growers in Guatemala – Buy Coffee!

Purchase our coffee and support the small rural coffee growers of San Lucas Toliman

Giving the gift of coffee makes a great holiday gift, as well as supports the small rural coffee growers of San Lucas Toliman. The coffee is grown in the volcanic highlands of Guatemala at Lake Atitlan, and is roasted and processed by the San Lucas Mission Coffee Cooperative, Café Juan Ana.

Café Juan Ana was founded in 1992 by Fr. Greg Schaffer in response to challenges faced by coffee growers in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala. Fair pay was oftentimes inaccessible, and in some cases, growers received less than half of the market value for their crop. To address this, Juan Ana’s DIRECT TRADE model was established to pay growers above-market rates for their highest quality coffee. Access to a predictable income strengthens communities through economic opportunity. By choosing Juan Ana, you are supporting the health, education, and livelihood of Guatemalan growers and their families. Every purchase makes a difference!

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Purchase at Summit Church, or contact Sandy Turner, 970-759-1890,

The following items are available to purchase.

Medium Roast Ground

Medium Roast Beans

Dark Roast Beans

Specialty Roast (between Med and Dark) Beans

Honey Roast