Update From our Kenya Team

Read the update from our Kenya Team from Robb Bourdon.

Our team is officially back home is all doing well. We spent each day in service and connection to our Christian brothers and sisters in Kenya. We were able to, through the financial support of our church members, test and treat dozens of children who have Malaria. This disease is common in Kenya, but there is limited medication available and even fewer testing kits. It is something that if left untreated can be fatal, although deaths from it are rare. For less than $2.00 a person can receive both a test and get treated.

We also delivered food baskets, mosquito nets, N95 masks, glasses and other items to 100 widows here in the rural parts of the country. Widows are often considered outcasts here and we support them and want them to know we lift them up for their strength and courage. Your support and prayers are very much appreciated by them as the government does nothing.

We also built a new home for a widow with five children. Her name is Rose. It is humbling to see how much they truly value a home of mud and sticks and sheet metal that we in the United States would never consider living in. To them it is their new home for which they are so grateful.

Thank you Summit Church for all of your prayers.

Summit Church Kenya Mission Team