Summit Young Adults

Summit is launching its Young Adult program this month! Summit YA is becoming the parent organization of our Rooted college ministry, expanding our Young Adult ministerial pursuits to providing intentional community and Christ-centered engagement for those outside of college as well (ages 18-30). Summit YA will create avenues for local Young Adults to build community, participate in the church more intentionally, and develop lasting relationships.

An expanded Young Adult ministry has been on Josh’s (our Young Adult & Worship Resident) heart since he took over leadership of Rooted, our college ministry. Rooted will continue as a specific college ministry existing within the Young Adult pursuits, while additional opportunities and intentional communities are created for those post college as well. The hope and prayer is that we can create opportunities for an age demographic that is not typically intentionally ministered to (the post-college age group), developing intentional communities, leadership opportunities, and withstanding relationships. With the core goal being to bring Young Adults closer to Christ, and closer to one another, we also want to bridge the divide between the 18-30 demographic, and the other generations within our church community to build intergenerational relationships.

While we will be starting small, we are intensely excited for the ways that God will grow this ministry and community.

Check out our College and YA page!