Summit Students Summer Missions Trips

Click here for dates and basic information for both the middle and high school missions trips this summer!

There will be two different missions trips this summer for Middle and High school. Missions trips are an opportunity for students to serve in the community through different work sites. On these trips students have the chance to work in the community through summer camps, homeless ministries, day programs, residential projects, and more.

The middle school trip is open to current 5th-8th graders. They will be going to Loveland, CO for a week of hope with Group Missions. Julia Griffith and I will be planning this trip together, but we will need more chaperones so if you are interested, please check that box on the sign-up form, especially male chaperones, and Julia or I will reach out to you. This trip will be July 30th-August 4th. In order to hold your spot on this trip please fill out the form attached here. Once we have a list of people signed up, we will have a parent meeting and begin to go over the finer details with everyone.

The high school missions trip is open to current 8th-12th graders. The high schoolers will also be going to Loveland but at a different time. The high school trip will be July 2nd-7th. As of right now I really need chaperones for this trip so if you are interested in being a leader fill that out on the form or reach out to me directly. Once we have a list of people, we will have a parent meeting to go over details. Sign up for the High School missions trip here

Yes, the 8th graders can decide which trip they would rather go on but once they choose that will be the trip they are signed up for.