Summit is on YouTube!

You asked and we delivered! Summit Church is now on YouTube! Read this article to find out how to watch services from a Smart TV!

We’ve been hearing your feedback about wanting to watch our weekend services live on your Smart TVs for church services. After some quick research and testing, we figured it out! Follow the steps below to learn how to get the stream up and running on your televisions! We recommend you follow these instructions well before the weekend though, just so everything runs smoothly when you’re ready to watch!

Step One: Make a Youtube Account

If you already have a youtube account, skip to step number two! If not, click on this link to read step-by-step instructions on how to create your own youtube account. Just so you know, google owns youtube, so if you already have a google account (gmail,) you’re good to go!

Step Two: Subscribe to Summit Church’s Youtube Channel

Click on this link to be sent to our church youtube page. Once you’re there, click on the “subscribe button” in a big red box. If you’re on a desktop, it’ll look like this:

Step Three: Log into your youtube account from your TV’s Youtube App

Now this is a tricky one. Since there are multiple brands of Smart TVs that we could all possibly have, we have no way of knowing how to help you get to that app, or how to download it onto your main menu. I (Stacey) have a samsung smart TV, and Youtube was already pre-downloaded as an app.

Once you have that app open, it’ll ask you to log into your account. Log in with the account information you already have (your gmail account, or youtube account that you just created at step one.) Once you’re logged in, push the left button on your remote to open up youtube’s menu, and click down until your remote selection is over “subscriptions.” It’ll look like the picture below:

Step Four: Watch the Livestream!

Once you click on “subscriptions” as seen above, the page that you are on will be populated with the videos that the channels you are subscribed to upload! Use your remote to select the video that is live from Summit Church Durango to watch the livestream! Here is what my screen looked like once it was populated with my subscriptions:

Hopefully this helps, and makes it easier for your family to watch services together comfortably! We don’t all want to be squished around a computer for an hour 🙂